Run for Your Life

I’ve been absent from the blog for a few days, which is unlike me.
I love blogging and writing and I feel the itch to to do it almost constantly.

The last few days have not seen me un-inspired; rather exactly the opposite. I’ve just been busy.
There have been birthdays and parties and sick kids and parenting courses and a quilting project with an unreasonable dead line that has sucked out every last minute. My washing has reached epic proportions, and it’s quite possible that there are more clothes on the line and in my ironing pile than there are in the cupboards, leaving scarcely a moment to write.

But even when I’m not putting myself out here, I’m always thinking what I would write, what I would say if I had the audience.
I quite often draw inspiration from music. Certain songs resonate with me so deeply, I can’t help but want to expand on their meanings.
It’s been this way the last few days.
The song in question, is a relatively new one, by one of my favourite bands, The Fray.


There are so many reasons I can relate to the lyrics; more than I have the time to get into now, but it is the chorus’ constraint refrain that resonates so deeply with me.

Run for your life.

run for your life

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There have been times when I feel like I’m waiting for my life to begin. That everything around me goes on and on, and I am caught up in the busyness without a choice or a purpose. Just going with the flow, and waiting for the my big break so I can finally start living.

But I am living.

This is my life and it’s the only shot I get at it.
If I sit around hoping something magical will happen, I’ll still be sitting around when I’m 85 wondering where it all went.
I need to make things happen.

To run, for my life.

The season with young kids, is exhausting. Minutes blend into hours and hours into days, and before you know it it’s Christmas again and you’re wondering what to stuff the turkey with.

It’s easy to get lost in an either/or mentality.

EITHER you’re stuck with kids, wallowing in the mundane and not see yourself as anything more than just a mum.
OR you’re determined to not lose who you were before kids, and so fight tooth and nail to keep your identity autonomous from your child raising responsibilities, which is hard and exhausting.

Sometimes we get the balance right. We are happy with the status quo and enjoying the blessedness of our lives.
But mostly, most of us, are looking for something more.
For some kind of meaning and purpose and grand plan.

I don’t believe human beings were designed to live small; we all have the potential for greatness, but it’s what we do with that potential that sets aside the ordinary from the extraordinary.

I’ve had five insanely busy days. In many ways they were busy because that’s how my life is. And yet they were also full of deviations from the norm.
As Monday morning dawned, I realised the busyness was over. The birthdays were done (for about 15 days according to Taylah) the quilt finished and sent off, and the housework could be tackled.
I can not believe how excited I was to do the housework. To get the insane load of washing under control, and to walk on clean floors.
To blog again; to write down all these thoughts and share them with you.
To read stories on the couch and have bedtime conversations because I’m not so exhausted I can’t bare the thought.

To get back to my life.

I loved my crazy five days.

And I love the quiet mundane jobs of being a stay at home mum.

I am living my life and I am enjoying it. I have purpose and direction and a sense of greatness that I will chase down and tackle till I lay hold of it, and not just hope for the best. A feeling that the life I am living, carries eternal significance, even when everything appears contrary to that fact.

I am running for my life.

What about you?

Run for your life, my love
Run and you don’t give up
All that you are
All that you want
Run for your life right now
And if you don’t know how
I’ll come back with you and take all that’s true
Leave all that’s burned behind

So run for your life
Run for your life

Run For Your life- The Fray



  1. says

    Were you at our Bible study last night????

    We were listening to a dvd and talking about how we are living NOW and how we need to be still from the busy-ness. I find its so easy to get distracted by the ‘busy’ that I don’t actually – live! Things that are actually what’s important get left out for the ‘stuff’ that creeps in.

    Praying that you can continue to focus & enjoy “running for your life” – it is eternally significant! xx
    hayley – happyhousewifey recently posted..Simple Rewards Chart – With a twist!My Profile

  2. says

    I agree that we all have the potential for greatness. It also comes in all shapes and forms so what may seem pretty extraordinary to someone unfortunately may not add up to much to others, which is why I think SAHM’s can get a bad wrap. Sometimes people don’t see the hard work and emotional (as well as physical) strength it takes to raise a family, run a home – to be the superglue and the major cog wheel. It takes greatness to achieve all that.
    Love your determination, Jess.
    Grace recently posted..When Mr Surfer almost abandoned me with 2 un-toilet trained toddlersMy Profile

  3. says

    I know all of the feelings you describe. Some days I feel like I’m just biding my time, others I feel fulfilled and satisfied, certain that this is what it’s all about. I guess the trick is to relish the latter and make the life you are living the life you want. Sometimes easier said than done! Great post x
    Nee Say recently posted..5 reasons why I will never be a food bloggerMy Profile

  4. says

    Sometimes I thonk about how small and seemingly insignificant my life is within the big, wide world. But I have to remind myself that we all have our own part of this world. In my part, I am important. The people i share my part with are important. We do make a difference, we are great. Every day.
    Msmandie recently posted..Let’s Get Physical (Reluctantly)My Profile

  5. says

    This week I feel like I’m running to keep up and get everything done. But perhaps that’s because I didn’t get my usual down time on the weekend. Thanks for the reminder to slow down and not miss my life as it flies by!
    Tonya, The Crafty Mummy recently posted..Let’s play with HTMLMy Profile

  6. says

    I worry that I keep putting my life on hold too… or waiting for it to start – and the clock is ticking! Time keeps passing and waits for no one! I too dread being on my death bed and wondering what the hell I did with my life.

    Oh… and I also walk around with blog ideas in my head. My other blog (Debbish) is not really defined as yet (is a bit of everything) but I contemplate just writing about my day in there… and so narrate my happenings to myself in preparation. (Or something!)

    Deb recently posted..Sunday morning volleyballMy Profile

    • says

      It’s scary how quickly the clock ticks, and how much time just goes past. It’s also frightfully easy to just waste our days.

      So glad I’m not the only one who goes around writing blog posts in my head! 😉
      Jess@Essentially Jess recently posted..Run for Your LifeMy Profile

  7. says

    a girlfriend at work and I were having this very same conversation. I told her I whinge about my work all the time and say if I didn’t work it would be better / easier. But I can’t stop working, I have to work, so I need to shut up and get on with it and stop using it as an excuse for dissatisfaction. It was also very interesting to have the opinion of an older co worker also who told us you never stop thinking you’re young and wonder whats happening as your body ages. best foot forward I say.
    Mandy recently posted..Autumn Mobile CraftMy Profile

    • says

      I’ve heard that thing about getting older but not feeling older. I’m only 29 but still feel like I did when I was 19.
      It’s hard when you’re life is not exactly how you planned, but I like your attitude; you just have to accept it, or do something to change it. That’s all you an do. :)
      Jess@Essentially Jess recently posted..Run for Your LifeMy Profile

  8. says

    Always trying to remind myself that you can’t wait to live! It has to start now! Think you are pretty amazing to finish a whole quilt in the time you did. I’d say get a gd rest after those 5 busy days you just had but I guess you thrive in challenging environments :)
    Ai Sakura recently posted..Happy Birthday to….. Me!!!!My Profile

  9. says

    ohh honey what a timely reminder – this is an excellent post. (and i also cannot wait to get home and listen to this song… because at the moment the only ‘run for your life’ song is by iron maiden *coughs*) x
    lyndal recently case you were wondering…My Profile

  10. says

    I understand the joy that simple housework tasks can be after a crazy week (or month…). The ebbs and flows of BUSY then QUIET give balance to life – allowing for exciting times and rest. I’m working at the moment on forcibly giving myself the resting times too (because I like to be busy!) – times where I’m thinking/learning/reflecting in quiet & times where I’m just hanging out with my family, enjoying life.
    Erin @ Lohtown Life recently posted..Help me adjust to "Big School"!My Profile

  11. says

    I agree, clean floors are not to be underestimated. I understand that feeling of wanting to write so much but being so busy and having to let it go!

  12. says

    Sometimes we need the super hectic, super stressful times to remind us how blessed we are in the (sometimes boring!) everyday!

    I just go some test results back today – it’s benign!!!! Thank you Lord for ordinary things!
    Janet recently posted..Beer and a birthday …My Profile

  13. says

    I spend a lot of time lately just stopping and standing still…remembering Im alive, Im happy and that none of the randomly awful stuff that I hear about at work or on the news is happening to me. It makes me appreciate the crazy and mundane and loopy life I lead x
    Sarah recently posted..Blending in….a TSIB interviewMy Profile

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    Totally understand your thoughts and relate.I am a bit older than you (cough) but it is just another stage of life with kids and busy-ness and that is the point, life will keep chugging along and we can’t wait for the right time to do things or enough money to enjoy or any other “if / when” condition. while living THIS life we have to own it, enjoy it and live it!
    Deb @ Home life simplified recently posted..Creative Ways to encourage kids to try new foodsMy Profile

  15. says

    I am here to tell you dear jess, and all the above commenters that it has taken me longer than all of you to come to terms with the notion “this life is not a dress rehearsal” I have wasted far too much time on regrets, or mistakes…even though in reality there has been more of the positives and joys… so I take my time, as much as I may or may not have left to be more “present” in each day. Not to continuing to strive for the next thing.
    Love Denyse
    PS Stay At Home Mums…”worth their weight” in my respect..I could not have done it.
    Denyse Whelan.Education Specialist recently posted..It’s JELLY BABY Month.My Profile

  16. says

    I’m always running from thing to thing, trying to balance my work life with my home life and my identities as mother, worker, wife, blogger and friend. I still don’t know what I’m meant to be or do but I do know my priorities lie with my family more than ever. It’s never easy though, is it?

  17. says

    Even though my post today is very different from yours, I feel a similar thread in part about the lesson learnt to live your life, to steer your ship, instead of waiting for a lightning bolt of revelation to reveal your destiny. I know that it happens for some, but after years of doing the latter, I also learnt that if I let circumstances dictate my life, then I’m not the captain of ship, so to speak, but at the mercy of whim and fancy. I never used to understand how the divine could fit into this approach to living and my struggles, amongst other things, burnt me somewhat. But I think there is an element where we do need to be responsible for what we are given, to be stewards of what we have, to be responsible for our gifts. I haven’t got it all worked out but I think it’s navigating the path between divine guidance and action. And that sounds like pretty much what you are doing through this post.
    Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..A Reforming WorkaholicMy Profile

    • says

      I loved your post, and I definitely think we were on a similar thought line.
      I grew up in a church where there was a big emphasis on doing what God wanted you to, and everyone having a ‘calling,’ and whilst I don’t disagree with the premise, I think in a way, it made it sound like there was only one great thing you could do. I feel like I’ve been waiting for that moment, but that moment is here. The life I am living is now, and I ned to embrace it and not wait for the next thing.
      Jess@Essentially Jess recently posted..Run for Your LifeMy Profile

      • says

        I had the same experience growing up, Jess. “Calling” was even more specific and defined in many cases; it was about being in ministry. I wish there had been more discussion about all things that make up a “calling” and how sometimes it wasn’t even a specific “job” or “role” but a lifestyle. I feel that held me back for a long time. It left me waiting for a long time too.
        Veronica @ Mixed Gems recently posted..A Reforming WorkaholicMy Profile

  18. says

    Oh jess I totally get you! I am attached with blogging too and yes even when I am not writing the blog I write the post in my’s just like ideas overlowing in my head. I am also proud to be stay at home mom. I have this series last year on my blog: Saturday Mind which I am turning it into ebook. Just wait for the right time to launch it on the blog. It’s ll about how I feel and a bit of my joirney of becoming a stay at home mom. Whn I read it again I am glad that I changed shoes :)