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Something strange happened the other day.

Boatman would call it miraculous, others would say it’s impossible, but personally it just left me stumped.

I drove all the way to Target (which is not really that far from my house, but seems it), and bought NOTHING.

I’m not entirely sure how that happened; generally my visits to Tar-gay result in me bringing home a horde of treasures for young and old alike. Mostly on account of the fact that the shop is so far away, it seems such a waste to not make use of the petrol money. (Honestly, it’s not that far at all by most people’s standards. But considering that the biggest shopping centre in the Northern Territory is 5 minutes from my house, and Target is 20 minutes away, it seems like forever to travel!)

My initial foray south was in the hunt for a new dress. The girls have their ballet performance in exactly 2 Saturday’s time, and seeing as this is my one yearly opportunity to by something new and pretty, I’m holding on that excuse with both hands, and searching for something nice but affordable. Generally not a hard challenge, but this week, seemingly impossible.

Whilst Boatman was beyond proud at my apparent display of extreme self control, I was just frustrated. I was still dressless. And on that point, also, shoeless and bagless. Well obviously I was wearing clothes and shoes, and did have my hand bag, but none of them were new. Which they should have been on account of a new dress can generally pave the way for justification of new shoes and a bag too right? 😉

Add to my frustration at my lack of new wardrobe items, it also appears as if we have reached the point in our lives where Christmas shopping with the kids is now impossible. Whilst Taylah is still sweet and naive enough to have me sneak stuff past here (bless her little cotton socks), the other three have inherited their mother’s highly suspicious gene, and cannot be anywhere near Christmas possibilities without sniffing a rat. My last attempt at sneaking things past BJ, had me lying more than I care to admit, and mentally apologising profusely for doing so.

I have decided that this really only leaves me with one option, and thankfully this option also brings with it the possibility of tea and chocolate simultaneously: Online shopping.

Now I know that most of us know the usual online haunts when it comes to purchases new and pre-loved, but I’ve recently discovered a new one that has quite taken my fancy. Quicksales is an online Australian shopping site, where  you have the option to buy outright or bid for a product, and it may be brand new or second hand. The difference though lies in the fact that is purely Australian, meaning your dollar stays local which really works for me.

But enough of that, the proof of the site is in the shopping, and I have to admit, I’m finding a lot more here than I did on my little drive south the other day. For me, and the kids.

There is so much I love about this dress. And also the beach she is wearing it at :)

There is so much I love about this dress.
And also the beach she is wearing it at :)

Not to mention this one. Love the colours, and I'm not usually one to wear green

Not to mention this one. Love the colours, and I’m not usually one to wear green

I love this so much.

I love this so much.

And these would go great with that dress

And these would go great with that dress
And this handbag to boot

And this handbag as well to complete the ensemble.


Speaking of handbags, can someone please tell Santa to bring me one of these for Christmas? I’ve been very good this year, and I’ve always wanted a red handbag. (And by always, I mean since I saw this one.)


I also think I possibly  need a pair of these, because with all the walking I do in my house, I might as well put my feet to work, and have them do something useful.

I wonder if they come in child’s sizes….


I also have to add that finally, after searching high and low for the Lego Friends books for Bridie, I finally found one. With free postage too I might add.


Which is so much better than that really long drive I was going to have to do. Again 😉

My only problem now is which one do I choose?

Do you online shop?

Which dress would you pick?




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      It can be a bit scary I agree! I’ve had equal wins and misses so it rally depends on how brave I feel at the time of shopping :)

  1. says

    Ooh I really love that beige dress it is just gorgeous. I am terrible for online shopping, as I am not physically in the shop handing over my cash card I feel like I am not really spending any money, which is very very bad for my bank balance!
    rhian @melbs recently posted..Facebook fatigue.My Profile

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      Oh yeah that would be bad! I think I’m better cause if it’s on pay pal, I spend less, hating to see the positive balance in there go down, since it rarely gets topped up!
      And I love that beige dress too

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    I hate that – nothing worse than going on a shopping mission, and coming home with NOTHING! I had one of those experiences yesterday. I am decorating our new courtyard area and have my heart set on a balinese style prison mirror. But do you think I can find one … *sigh* … first world problems hey!
    Janet @ Redland City Living recently posted..Dishing up the DirtMy Profile

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      You can never find exactly what you’re looking for, when you’re looking for it, but it always shows up later, or three months before! Usually when you can’t afford it either 😉
      So annoying!!!

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    I adore online shopping, so much easier, and if I can get a bargain then why wouldn’t I? I often look online first and then see if I can find it and also vice versa, see it in shops and hope I’ll get it cheaper online xx

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    I shop online for books – hooray for Book Depository! – but apart from that, don’t generally shop online. I tried to buy clothes a few times but I find I need to try them on. I did recently order bathers online though, so fingers crossed they fit!
    Emily recently posted..Living, dining, future recliningMy Profile

    • says

      Good luck with that!

      I just ordered some books from book depository the other day, for the first time. Was so excited cause I found a book I’ve been wanting to buy for about 15 years! Can’t wait for it to arrive :)