I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Except I don’t mind missing a few things) #IBOT

This post brought to you from the inspiration of the coolest 90’s play list on Spotify. Remember when you were like, seventeen, and you saw the Animal Cracker love scene on Armageddon for the first time? And it wasn’t even that the scene was all that great, but the sound track swelled and Liv Tyler… 

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Fruit n Nut tarts

Let’s Talk about the Tefal Cuisine Companion (with bonus recipe)

This is a post that is looooong overdue. I’m reminded of that every time our mate Jimbo sees me. So Jimbo if you’re reading, this post is for you When I first got my Cuisine Companion, I thought I would give myself a few playtimes to really get to know it, before I wrote about… 

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Little Girls in a Garden Play #IBOT

In a garden, two little girls play. Draped in towels, and sheets and tablecloths mirroring some foreign garb – they sneak around the corners of the building, avoiding the rabbit warren, and choosing instead the grass. Speaking hurriedly to one another, they share their secrets, before taking turns swinging on a long rope, hanging from a tall… 

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The Squirrels, The Bandicoots, and the Wise Old Badger #IBOT

In a little country, near a little village, by a little brook, in a little meadow, there lived a family of squirrels. It was rather a large family, and not all of them were closely related. Most were distant relatives, but there were a few squirrels that had joined the colony from other little places,… 

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Dear Shonda, Let’s Talk about Greys…

Spoiler alert: this post contains Greys Anatomy spoilers. Don’t read if you like a surprise. Dear Shonda, I can’t believe I am writing you this letter, but I am. I’m rather upset. I have been arguably one of the most loyal Greys Anatomy fans in the Southern Hemisphere for the last eleven years. I have watched… 

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Am I Really A Mum?

So it’s Mothers Day this week. The day when mothers everywhere are either celebrated or forgotten; possibly a combination of both. I’m not quite as down on the day as I was last year, which is good. I’m sure the kids will do lovely things and it will all be as wonderful as it can… 

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A Tag Line by Any Other Name… #IBOT

When I first started this blog, I didn’t have a clue. About anything really. I was on Blogger at the time, with a stock standard background and text for a title, and that’s how I thought all blogs were. Until I found a whole community of bloggers with different themes and graphics and buttons. I got… 

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30 Ways I Thought of To Be Kind. Because Kindness is Cool.

I had all these thoughts in my head, and I wanted to write them and then I didn’t. Because sometimes thoughts are better left in your head, and that’s ok. I did write a short story for TAFE about a ghost though, so I’m chalking that up to a win on the writing front. There was… 

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Failed Pancakes and Mercy #IBOT

The past few days, I’ve been thinking of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukamaran. It’s hard not to when it’s been on the news as much as it has, and when you’re talking about two young men who are a similar age to you; who’ve grown up just as you have, and yet not how you… 

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Gallipoli beach South Australia

Thank You

When I was growing up, ANZAC day was not something I really knew about, or took notice of. In fact it probably wasn’t until a boy in my class played the Last Post at a school assembly one year, that I actually started considering the fact that we had a  public holiday. Prior to that… 

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Yoda-inspired i am

Just Write#7 Done With That #IBOT

So last week I set myself the high and lofty goal to take more photos and blog every day for the school holidays. And now, 8 days in I’m pretty much, ‘yeah… done with that.’ The blogging I mean. I’m still planning on taking more photos. My main goal was to challenge myself and stop… 

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Evolution of a Blogger by Steph Calvert of Hearts and Laserbeams

Just Write #6 The Evolution of Blogging. As it applies to me.

So it’s Sunday. Which means it’s been over 24 hours since I last blogged, which is probably not allowed when you’re trying to blog for fourteen days straight. However since the person who assigned me this task (me) spent the day enjoying time with her family which one might argue, is actually  more important than… 

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Just Write#5. Dear Facebook…

Dear Facebook, We need to talk. image credit No, I’m not pregnant, nor is this a breakup. Think of it more as an intervention. You need help, and I’m here for you. I’ve spoken about you before, but never really to you, and I feel like it’s time. You are driving me nuts. Seriously what is… 

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Just Write#4. Discovering Spotify

This is not a sponsored post. I am feeling the pinch of blogging every day though. The other week one of my Facebook friends shared one of those lists; you know the type, ’31 one things only 80’s kids will understand.’ Except this one was the seven top Christian Bands of the 90’s, and being a… 

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Three cheers and cake. Because... cake.

Just Write #3. Remember That Book?

So Friday afternoon, I had a little bit of a nice surprise. It had been a lovely day really. It was Boatman’s birthday, I had submitted a dreaded assignment, and the kids were so happy to be on school holidays that they just played happily together while I pottered in the kitchen making birthday cake…. 

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