The 2014 Recap Post.

It’s that time of the year again. The time when Elf on the Shelf runs Facebook, christmas puddings simmer on the stove, and bloggers start doing their yearly recap post. Because, let’s face it, can you really be a blogger if you don’t do a yearly recap post? Well yes, of course. I just like… 

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hold you up

Hold You Up #IBOT

Yesterday morning I relished in the deliciousness of the school holidays. I woke a little later than normal, and was greeted by a snuggly little boy who wanted nothing more than school holiday cuddles. I had a leisurely breakfast, did some washing, tidied things up. You know, all the usual suspects. I perused online study options,… 

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bee in a tree

That Man of Boats #IBOT

That Man of Boats! That Man of Boats! I do so like that Man of Boats. I had a post A post I wrote I read it to the Man of Boats He said ‘it’s good!’ He said “It’s grand!“ I said, “Boatman you don’t understand! “I do not like this post I wrote! “I… 

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All of the thoughts. All of the time

Of Stories, Faith and Moving Forwards

This is a sponsored post for Crusaders. When I was in the throes of November obsessed writerdom, I had a conversation (actually more like several) with Boatman, that went along the lines of: “I just need to keep writing! Whilst I’ve got the momentum, and I’m on a roll I have to go with it!… 

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Not so little anymore

My How You’ve Grown

Remember when you were little, and you saw someone you hadn’t seen for ages, and they almost always said, ‘my how you’ve grown!’ And it was always said with such approval, that you couldn’t help but be proud, even if growing is something that all the kids were doing. And now you have kids on your… 

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Don’t Stop Believing #IBOT

It’s funny how years seems to run in themes. Or for me it does at least. I often find that whatever I was thinking on at the start of the year, tends to still be around at the end of the year, waiting to resolve itself. Or maybe I’m just a bit slow on the uptake……. 

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I mean seriously, how good does that look?

Essentially Jess and the Coffee Machine Love Triangle

This is a review post written for Dolce Gusto. Infatuation with coffee is all me.  There are some moments in life, when it pays to look around. Give things a try, see how they feel, make an informed decision. I myself have just spent the morning investigating preschools for my child; checking things out is good…. 

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retro typewriter

And Now For Something Different… #IBOT

So I had a post for today. Or rather two half posts that didn’t quite combine to make a full one, which is a little bit rude really, and left me floundering for words. And then someone on the NaNoWriMo forums suggested my character write a blog post, and I use that. (And also because it… 

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Losing The Plot, Finding The Point #IBOT

I’ve become just a little bit of a writer-obsessed person. Not in a totally bad way; my children haven’t forgotten what I look like yet and Boatman hasn’t updated his Facebook relationship status to ‘widowed.’ (Aside- is that an actual status?) but my shoulders are screaming at me in agony because of all the typing,… 

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reward for lost sock

Of Perspective and #MummyHacks

This post is brought to you with thanks to DAIRYLEA Cheese. I like to think of myself as a fairly positive person. (Don’t we all?) I mean, if I’m being completely honest I am melancholic by nature and more than capable of picking apart what is exactly wrong in a situation, and how far from… 

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The Tale of the Over-Reactionary Jess #IBOT

I consider myself a fairly level-headed person. Whether this true or not, remains to be seen, but I like to think so. Occasionally* though, I tend to over exaggerate. A little. Or a lot. Ok, I exaggerate in the extreme, and I’m probably not level-headed at all, but whatever. So last week, on a fairly… 

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They suggest we write ten reasons, but nine fit so much better

So You Think You Can Write?* #IBOT

*That title was directed at me. This post brought to you by a writerly obsessed mind. The first time I hear about NaNoWriMo, was when my friend Garry mentioned it at church one day, and we discussed possible story lines. We both agreed that with the lofty goal of 50 000 words in a month,… 

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This is much more his style

How To Train a Dragon 2. Review and Giveaway

Every now and then, when I meet someone for the first time, they will ask me how many kids I have. After answering four, the next question is usually, ‘oh what do you have?’ To which I, of course, reply, ‘three girls and one boy.’ From there, the conversation usually turns to, ‘whereabouts in the… 

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Dear Blog #IBOT

Disclaimer: I am not advocating commitment ceremonies to blogs as a ‘thing’. That would be dumb. Yesterday, for the first time ever, I considered breaking up with my blog. I just didn’t want to write on it anymore, and the fact that I had to was like, ‘uh seriously! Again? Far out you are high… 

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jess' shoes

Lame is the New Black

Disclaimer: This post is dripping with random sarcasm and tongue-in-cheekiness. Share whatever you like. But just not mean, graphic or violent stuff ok? So the other day, I downloaded the app Time Hop. Have you heard of it? It’s an app that links to Facebook and Instagram and a bunch of other stuff, and then… 

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