To Ride or Not to Ride? That is the Question #IBOT

At the time you are reading this, there is a good chance I will be here. image credit Or here. image credit Or possibly somewhere like here. image credit I definitely will not be here. image credit Yes, just like some national breakfast TV show’s weather report, IBOT is being brought to you today by the beauty… 

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Life After God Douglas Coperland

Life After God #IBOT

There was a book I bought, several years ago. One that has sat on my bookshelf for the last fourteen years, accumulating dust. I pulled it out a few nights ago, for no other reason than I had to. I have an assignment and I need a book with an obvious ‘style’ and this fits… 

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family photo

In The Picture

I received a parcel in the mail the other day. A thoughtful gift from a friend saying hi, and passing on to me a book she thought I might like. Perfect timing really, because I had just been considering buying that very book, that very day. Anyway, included in the parcel was a photo she had… 

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The Girl in the Chair, With the Unkempt Hair #IBOT

She sits there, on the chair, outside the door. Her hair is messy, and unkempt. I think she tried to brush it in the morning, but it escaped its bounds as hair is wont to do. And now it hangs, framing her face. That beautiful face that stares off into somewhere, thinking silent thoughts. image… 

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Let's be real; I could never be this chick. I don't even own a how to be a hostess book.

Delusions of Cleanliness

I thought that I would be cleaner. I had a dream that I would be the perfect homemaker, and a person who always had it just presented beautifully. That the toothpaste streaks that mar the bathroom basin would be cleaned straight away. That marks on the wall would be a thing of the past. That… 

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The best non-food loving food blogger

Achievement Unlocked: EssentiallyJess the Food Blogger #IBOT

Every now and then I get asked the question: “what type of blogger are you?” Or alternatively, “what do you write?” (To which I bite my tongue so I that I don’t answer with ‘random crap.’ Although I have been assured it’s ‘good crap’.) It’s hard to categorise myself. Generally I would say I’m a personal… 

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Dreaming of the Beach. A Dog’s Tale.

This is a sponsored post for Pet Circle On a quiet Sunday afternoon, the sound of a dog howling breaks the silence. It’s a mournful sound, this song he sings. It speaks of loneliness, and abandonment and utter devastation. He thinks he is alone; he doesn’t know that I’m still here. He thinks we have all… 

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Hogs Breath. A place of so many good times.

Last Times #IBOT

It’s been a year today, since we left Darwin. A year since I’ve felt that awkward combination of stupidly hot as well as horribly sticky. A year since I’ve watched the rain come in sheets. A year since I’ve heard the cacophony of a chorus of frogs. A year since I’ve seen my mum. My time hop… 

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There's currently 6 books in the Cheer Chick Charlie series. You an purchase all six for the bargain price of fifty dollars.

Cheer Chick Charlie: What’s Impossible Today….

This is a review for Cheer Chick Charlie I received  products in exchange, but all opinions as always, are my own. The first time I met Leanne Shea Langdown, she was ‘just’ Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit, (although there is nothing ‘just’ about that), wearing a gorgeous dress. We chatted about that dress in a… 

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The other day I read an article about several shows that the ABC had canceled in Australia due to public complaints. It all started with Peppa Pig and Mr Skinny Legs. Having seen that particular episode, I will admit that when Peppa (or whoever it was) declared that spiders are friendly I laughed out loud. And… 

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Five Reasons Why I’ll Never Be on TV (Except by accident)

So Thursday afternoon was one of those afternoons when everyone just flaked out on the couch. Between school, kindy, a swimming carnival and life in general, everyone was tired. Sitting on the couch with my two older girls, I was only half watching whatever program it was they had on; some show where someone was putting… 

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A recreation of that old artwork. Even the filter and stickers don't help. Funnily enough, Taylah said, 'oh I love your horse mum!' She is blessed with my talent it appears.

Of Artistry, Definitions and Pregnant Aardvarks #IBOT

So the other day I got my log in details for my online TAFE course, and with much excitement, I carefully entered everything in, to be granted access to an online page of virtual learning. It was a wonderful moment, followed by one that was less wonderful and more groan worthy. The dreaded, ‘introduce yourself’… 

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Four Ways Writing a Book is Like Marriage #IBOT

So yesterday I was sitting at the computer, lamenting a lack of tolerable words, that not even an abundance of homemade chocolate chip cookies could assist with. I had words, that wasn’t the problem; more that I just despised each and every one of them, and as result, could not, in good conscience release them… 

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It's a lobster. Or a fish. But actually a lobster.

Of Back to School and Being a Happy, Well-Adjusted Parent

My littlest girl started Pre-School/Kindy today. She’s the last of the four so it seems like a big deal, although every first has been momentous. This time though I’m really taking notice. Initially we had her enrolled for term three last year in Darwin, but then we moved, and she got an extra six months at… 

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Essentially Jess vs The Grammar Gremlins #IBOT

In everyone’s life,  there comes a point when you have to make an important decision on who you want to be.  And whilst the process of decision will be different for everyone out there, at some point, in this age of information and autocorrect and incorrectly spelt hashtags, you have to pick a side: grammar nazi… 

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