I caer

A Moment #IBOT

I was having a moment. You know the ones: where everything has just built up and then one tiny little event that is kind of important but hardly significant in the grand scheme of anything, tips you over the edge and you end up a sobbing incoherent mess? One of those moments. So I was… 

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The Things My Kids Think of Me

This post written in collaboration with Hello Mamas. A few years ago, Boatman and I were sitting in the Darwin Entertainment Centre waiting for Taylah’s end of year ballet performance to start, and I leaned over to him and said, ‘did you ever imagine yourself at the ballet? ‘No. It’s a little weird really. It’s… 

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Memory Cove Adventures

Read the Paper with EssentiallyJess. (The one where I turn into my dad)

It started innocently enough. My unit lecturer suggested that we read more newspapers and magazines so we could have better knowledge of publications to pitch ideas to. I’ll admit that was a stretch for me. My reading consists of my Bible, whatever novel I have on the go at the time (currently Looking for Alaska on… 

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She looks innocent and all inspirational, but really she just wants to hold you victim to her own crazy ideas

A Visit From the Inspiration Fairy. (And her somewhat violent demise.) #IBOT

She flitters around wreaking havoc at the most unfortunate times. As I’m driving the car, or making dinner, or engaged is some deep, important conversation with a child that needs my undivided attention, there she is. Sitting on my shoulder shouting ‘look at me!’ And because I am making dinner or driving a vehicle or marvelling… 

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We still made the most of it. Camping trip for three anyone?

Date Night. When Parents Go Rogue #IBOT

Boatman and I have long been advocates of Date night; Friday night has been a somewhat sacred evening in our home for the last, I’m not sure how many years. On Fridays, the kids are fed early and herded to bed, (or another room in the house), and Boatman and I pretend that we are… 

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is writer. must write

The Day I Almost Quit Writing #IBOT

Last week I had ‘a week’. Not a bad week, just a frustrating week, the result of which had me at one point declaring to myself (because no one else was around), that I did not want to be a writer. Being a writer was a terrible thing to want to be, and anyone who has… 

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Don't overthink simple questions

Don’t Over Think It – A (somewhat) Interesting Tale About Finding Interesting Things #IBOT

So TAFE went back officially last week. I was all excited by one of my units, and significantly less excited by the other. I’m sure the excitement will come, but for now, I’m just reminding myself that learning new skills is usually good. I decided it would be easier to remember if I made a… 

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smiley girl

Welcome to the Club

This post is written in collaboration with Hello Mamas When I had my first baby, a friend of mine said to me, ‘Welcome the club.’ It was a weird thing to say; and weirder still that I was chuffed to be in said club, even if it consisted of after birth pains, rock-hard boobs and… 

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team ibot button

#teamIBOT, Come on Down!

Once upon a time, in a land not very away, there existed a comment slump on blog posts that were published on a Tuesday. And from that comment slump a link up was born, called IBOT, and Essentially Jess hosted that link up and told this same story so many times, that she just started… 

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petite french fudge cake

Fudge. It’s French for Delicious.*

*Not even a little bit. This is a Cuisine Companion Recipe Challenge Post. Did you know that last week it was Bastille Day? Don’t worry if you didn’t; before writing this post I had no idea what Bastille Day even was. (In case you’re still wondering, it’s a day commemorating the storming of the Bastille,… 

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Not Seventeen #IBOT

Do you remember when you were back in school, and suddenly you had to make all these important decisions about the rest of your life? If your school was anything like mine, there was a career counsellor who sat down and talked about options with you, and discussed what subjects you needed, what marks, or… 

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11 ingredients for creating family memories

10 (ridiculous) Necessities for Creating Family Memories #IBOT

If you were to ask most parents what one of their goals for their family was, chances are, that the idea of ‘creating memories’ would pop up. And why not? Who doesn’t want their little people growing up, remembering how awesome their mum and dad were, and all the things they did together? So I… 

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lets talk about rewriting

Why Rewriting is Fun. #WordNerdAlert

Have you ever heard a writer talk about how they are working on the ‘fourth draft’ of a book and thought why? Because ostensibly the first draft of a book is impressive enough, and shouldn’t it be all about just tweaking that? Kind of like when you were a kid and your teacher asked you… 

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The Girl Who Liked to Write

Once upon a time there was a girl who liked to write. Scratch that — she was kind of obsessed with writing. She did it all the time; on screens, on paper, in her head while doing the dishes. She was the sort of person who would look at random strangers in a restaurant and… 

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optiva range

Cops, Robbers and Perfect Skin

This is a product review. All opinions are my own. Are you a patient person? I like to think I am, but then I like to think a lot of positive things about myself that possibly aren’t as true as I would hope. I do try to be patient. I know that I miss the… 

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