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Cops, Robbers and Perfect Skin

This is a product review. All opinions are my own. Are you a patient person? I like to think I am, but then I like to think a lot of positive things about myself that possibly aren’t as true as I would hope. I do try to be patient. I know that I miss the… 

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You too, can look as happy as this lady on Umbrella Cover Day

Happy Social Media Day #IBOT

Did you know that yesterday was International Mud Day? I did. Only because kindy decided to celebrate it with a barbecue and mud painting, and it coincided with my older kids being off school (they finish a week early) so we could celebrate all things mud together. Miss Ava was  very  excited. (Mostly about the… 

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Of Pyjama Day and Parenting

This post written in collaboration with Hello Mamas At the time of writing this, my kids are at school in their pyjamas. And it’s not because they got ready too late and I made them go undressed as a consequence (I get the feeling they would like that), but because it’s the last day of… 

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Essentially Jess Photographer

So You Think You Can Dance? #IBOT

If you’ve ever seen me attempt to dance, you would know that it’s not the most graceful event to witness. Picture a drunk giraffe wearing heels, and you will have some idea of the level of coordination and sophistication I display when it’s time to ‘shake my groove thang.’ (Boatman said it’s not that bad…. 

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Dragons are not Cool- Confessions of a not-quite Grammar Nerd

I’m one of those people who is always trying to be better; I think most of us are. I am always looking for ways to improve not only my skills but also my character, and just lately, I’ve been thinking a little about both. Especially when it comes to grammar. Which might be a weird… 

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Things I’ve Learned #IBOT

This week is the last week of my first semester at TAFE. I’m rounding out the semester with a short story which is a fun way to finish. Of course the finality of the end of specific units, brings with it the anticipated ‘what did you learn?’ question. A good part of me would like… 

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The Mystery of Fishermans Paradise. A Choose Your Destiny Story

Some of this story is based on real events. The rest is absolute rubbish.  On the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula, just outside of the picture perfect town of Streaky Bay, there is a small community of shacks in a place aptly named Fishermans Paradise. Paradise because it clearly is; views of white sandy… 

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Remembering 12

I don’t remember turning 12. I feel like I should remember it – like 12 is a big important number to turn in the grand scheme of important birthdays. Maybe I was just fixated on being 13, but honestly, I don’t remember that either. I remember turning 7; I remember the party in our back… 

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Kimmy 4

Kimmy, the Panda who Loves #IBOT

So it’s ‘write a human interest piece week’ for TAFE this week, which also happened to coincide with Kimmy the pet panda from BJ’s class coming home. As a result, this blog post just wrote itself.  She might look happy, but Kimmy’s smile hides her secret pain. This is a bear without a home; a teddy with no… 

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I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing (Except I don’t mind missing a few things) #IBOT

This post brought to you from the inspiration of the coolest 90’s play list on Spotify. Remember when you were like, seventeen, and you saw the Animal Cracker love scene on Armageddon for the first time? And it wasn’t even that the scene was all that great, but the sound track swelled and Liv Tyler… 

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Fruit n Nut tarts

Let’s Talk about the Tefal Cuisine Companion (with bonus recipe)

This is a post that is looooong overdue. I’m reminded of that every time our mate Jimbo sees me. So Jimbo if you’re reading, this post is for you When I first got my Cuisine Companion, I thought I would give myself a few playtimes to really get to know it, before I wrote about… 

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Little Girls in a Garden Play #IBOT

In a garden, two little girls play. Draped in towels, and sheets and tablecloths mirroring some foreign garb – they sneak around the corners of the building, avoiding the rabbit warren, and choosing instead the grass. Speaking hurriedly to one another, they share their secrets, before taking turns swinging on a long rope, hanging from a tall… 

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The Squirrels, The Bandicoots, and the Wise Old Badger #IBOT

In a little country, near a little village, by a little brook, in a little meadow, there lived a family of squirrels. It was rather a large family, and not all of them were closely related. Most were distant relatives, but there were a few squirrels that had joined the colony from other little places,… 

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Dear Shonda, Let’s Talk about Greys…

Spoiler alert: this post contains Greys Anatomy spoilers. Don’t read if you like a surprise. Dear Shonda, I can’t believe I am writing you this letter, but I am. I’m rather upset. I have been arguably one of the most loyal Greys Anatomy fans in the Southern Hemisphere for the last eleven years. I have watched… 

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Am I Really A Mum?

So it’s Mothers Day this week. The day when mothers everywhere are either celebrated or forgotten; possibly a combination of both. I’m not quite as down on the day as I was last year, which is good. I’m sure the kids will do lovely things and it will all be as wonderful as it can… 

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